NY Proposes New Emissions Regulations - Get ahead with ZEVAC

NY state has release a draft of proposed regulations regarding emissions from oil & gas infrastructure. ZEVAC equipment can help you get ahead of this regulatory requirement. For example, the proposed regulations regarding compressors state:

Compressors shall be designed so that no gas from compressor blowdown vents is emitted into the atmosphere. This may be achieved by routing the gasses to a vapor recovery system, a combustion device or other technology.

Related to pipeline and compressor blowdowns:

Pipeline or Compressor Blowdown

… Compliance may be achieved through several technology and operational options including, but not limited to, pigging with inert gas, capture with external compressor and rerouting downstream, re-routing to a lower pressure line or flaring.

Related to pigging:


… DEC is considering the requirement of using a vapor recovery unit (VRU) or other technology at each pigging station to eliminate venting those emissions to the atmosphere.

Read the proposed regulations here: https://dec.ny.gov/docs/air_pdf/oilgasoutline.pdf