Pipeline Launchers & Receivers

In a 2013 article found here, the author notes the four main uses of pigging, and therefore pig launchers and receivers, are:

  1. Batching/Separation
  2. Cleaning/Maintenance
  3. Inspection (ILI)
  4. Position & Monitoring (Mapping)

While our rental pig launchers & receivers can certainly be used for all of these purposes, there are several other reasons an operator may need to call upon temporary pigging equipment:

  1. NGL recovery from gas lines
  2. Commissioning/De-commissioning
  3. Hydrotesting (filling or de-water/drying)
  4. Purging
  5. Line Abandonment
  6. Smart Plug Isolation
  7. Water removal
  8. Process-in-Pipe(R) removal of pipeline debris