Fleet Management - Explained

TPE Midstream offers Fleet Management Services to assist our customers who demand more than our typical equipment rentals. Fleet Management is a customized solution for each customer. A typical fleet management plan looks like this:

Customer: We are planning to construct a 30 mile section of 16” pipe that will have 4 sets of launcher/receiver stations, mostly located at the boundaries of our HCAs.

TPE: What do you expect your 4 sets of traps to cost?

Customer: We have budgeted approx. 50,000 per location for the traps.

TPE: So these units will end up costing 200,000 total?

Customer: More or less, yes.

TPE: Do you ever use all 4 stations at the same time?

Customer: No. We would only pig or work on one section at a time.

TPE: So why build all 4 sets? Why not build 1 skid-mounted set and move it to the locations as-needed?

Customer: We have tried that in the past, and it hasn’t gone well. We actually lost a trap. It was in a corner of a lay down yard and we couldn’t locate it when we needed it for some urgent maintenance. Also, when equipment moves, it becomes difficult to keep the records associated with that equipment, all our other records are tied to our GIS system so mobile equipment doesn’t fit very well with our systems.

TPE: We’ve encountered this before, and we think there is a better way. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on assets that are rarely used, TPE can provide a well maintained, always job-ready, on-demand set of mobile traps for your field personnel to use. TPE builds a set of units, stages them at our nearest field location, and keep the units ready for mobilization to your jobsite within 24 hrs. The bottom line is that you still have assets available to you, and you can do it for a low annual service fee instead of a large capital expense.