ZEVAC user training class - TULSA August 7th

As part of the TPE/Enercon ZEVAC partnership, we will be training 20 ENERCON technicians to be ZEVAC operators. Enercon provides ZEVAC services nationwide. Contact ZEVAC@Enercon.com to get a quote for an emissionless blowdown today.


UPDATE: Training was a huge success! Although Oklahoma never fails to throw some weather into the mix, we trained technicians both in class as well as hands-on. TPE and Enercon are working together to continuously improve the training process to produce the safest and most capable technicians possible. 

TPE Rental Traps supporting Strike Construction for P66

We ship temporary launchers and receivers for pipeline pigging across North America, but every once in a while, there is a job right here in our back yard. These local jobs are a great opportunity for our shop staff to get into the field to ask our customers "What else can we do to make your life easier?" This feedback is what drives us to keep doing more. Great job Kristina and Hunter! 

TPE goes the "extra mile" for safety

When a project or client requires the most stringent records and pressure tests for the temporary equipment on site, TPE provides 100% databooks. When the situation dictates even more precautions, TPE will perform a prejob hydrotest of all equipment before it ships. Whether it is a turnkey job Baker Hughes is performing for TransCanada, or a quick rental to OneOK, or your next job - TPE will go the distance to make sure you have full documentation and safe equipment on site. Let us know what we can do to let you rest easy knowing your temporary equipment is ready for pressure.

Enercon and ZEVAC bringing emissionless services to the natural gas industry.

TPE MIDSTREAM LLC (TPE) and ENERCON SERVICES Inc. (ENERCON) are pleased to announce their strategic partnership and exclusive channel to market alliance as they introduce the innovative ZEVAC to the energy industry. ZEVAC, the patent-pending ZERO EMISSION VACUUM AND COMPRESSOR, provides a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to venting and flaring by evacuating natural gas during operations and maintenance activity. Our clients are able to keep the product safely contained in the system resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions, permitting, and notifications allowing greater flexibility in scheduling and execution of field activities.

ENERCON is the exclusive provider of ZEVAC across the United States to the natural gas industry. For a permanent installation or a same day call-out, ENERCON will size and deploy the correct ZEVAC unit for its clients specific need. ENERCON provides value-added field services, engineered solutions, program management, technician training, and other specialized services.

From E&P companies like MarkWest in Ohio, to transmission companies such as AGL, to utilities such as Consolidated Edison - the natural gas industry is rapidly recognizing the need to utilize ZEVAC and other technology to transform their culture to embrace emission-less operations.

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Kerr Engineered Sales Company Representing ZEVAC in the Northeastern United States

TPE MIDSTREAM and KESCo have signed a strategic sales representation agreement that will accelerate bringing the ZEVAC to natural gas operators in the Northeast United States.

 ZEVAC® = Zero Emission Vacuum and Compressor. This revolutionary, patented technology from TPE Midstream uses compressed air to eliminate emissions.  100% pneumatic (air) powered and controlled.   ZEVAC eliminates the noise, permits, notifications, hazards, and difficulties of venting and flaring. Using compressed air to suction the process vessel or pipeline segment, ZEVAC compresses the gas into the adjacent pipeline. Intake from a pipeline or vessel is depressurized and discharged back into your pressurized piping system.  Eliminating emissions with compressed air is a safe, clean and noiseless technology. 

ZEVAC® = Zero Emission Vacuum and Compressor. This revolutionary, patented technology from TPE Midstream uses compressed air to eliminate emissions.  100% pneumatic (air) powered and controlled. ZEVAC eliminates the noise, permits, notifications, hazards, and difficulties of venting and flaring. Using compressed air to suction the process vessel or pipeline segment, ZEVAC compresses the gas into the adjacent pipeline. Intake from a pipeline or vessel is depressurized and discharged back into your pressurized piping system.  Eliminating emissions with compressed air is a safe, clean and noiseless technology. 

PPIM 2018 - Booth 303

Come see us at PPIM 2018! We'll be at Booth 303 showing off the new 2018 product lines featuring our emissions control equipment. Learn about how the ZEVAC can make your pigging and blowdown operations EMISSION-LESS!


We put our first set of guinea pigs through training this week and they came through with flying colors! 4 new ZEVAC technicians are ready to hit the field to support your projects that are emission sensitive. Our Zero Emission Vacuum and Compressor can help you eliminate methane emissions.

TPE Presents at EPA's Annual Methane Workshop

Come see us at Booth #5 or watch Doug Sahm present to the audience of regulatory and industry officials about how we can change the culture of methane release emissions. He speaks at 1:30pm today at the Marriot Galleria in Houston.

EPA Methane Workshop

TPE Midstream's ZEVAC equipment supports individuals who are doing their daily tasks without releasing gas. See how it works here:

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Rental Success Story - 6" Traps, Temporary Pipe, Filter Skid, No-Squeal Silencer

TPE delivered to a CAMPOS EPC a variety of equipment to support a 6" inline inspection project including the launcher/receiver, temporary pipe, and a filter unit to prevent debris brought in during pigging from entering downstream piping and equipment. The filter unit was outfitted with a No-Squeal silencer to enable blowdowns to occur without the noise typically associated with high pressure gas release. TPE is proud to work with CAMPOS to support projects that would otherwise require costly and time consuming construction and fabrication, instead temporary equipment can be brought in quickly while saving the customer money at the same time.

Pipeline Launchers & Receivers

In a 2013 article found here, the author notes the four main uses of pigging, and therefore pig launchers and receivers, are:

  1. Batching/Separation
  2. Cleaning/Maintenance
  3. Inspection (ILI)
  4. Position & Monitoring (Mapping)

While our rental pig launchers & receivers can certainly be used for all of these purposes, there are several other reasons an operator may need to call upon temporary pigging equipment:

  1. NGL recovery from gas lines
  2. Commissioning/De-commissioning
  3. Hydrotesting (filling or de-water/drying)
  4. Purging
  5. Line Abandonment
  6. Smart Plug Isolation
  7. Water removal
  8. Process-in-Pipe(R) removal of pipeline debris

Rental Success Story - 30" 600# Temporary Mainline Ball Valves

TPE Midstream supplied (2) 30" 600# rental ball valves to NSPEC Pipeline Services. The instant availability of these large mainline ball valves allow operators and contractors to proceed with projects more quickly than if they had to wait for the typical 3-6 month lead time for these valves. NSPEC delivers pipeline services across North America and with the support of TPE Midstream equipment, can bring minimize downtime and maximize project ROI for the pipeline operator.

Rental Success Story - TPE + TDW + TransCanada 10" 600# temporary launcher and receiver

TransCanada contracted with TDW to provide TPE Midstream launchers and receivers for a recent 10" 600# pipeline project in Canada. TransCanada maintains a strict protocol for ensuring that all temporary equipment is up to their stringent permanent equipment standards. TPE Midstream rental traps are built above and beyond these standards, and have the MTRs, hydrotests, and records databooks to back up the quality. It was this quality equipment, and the service provided by TDW that made a successful pipeline inspection project possible. We will look forward to this Operator + Contractor + TPE Midstream rental equipment partnership to continue to deliver value to the field and support 1st run success with inline inspection pigging projects.

Product Spotlight: High Pressure Large Diameter Temporary Pigging Traps

As the only provider of large diameter (36"+) 600# pigging launchers and receivers, TPE Midstream can offer a unique value to operators. During construction or acquisition of a pipeline system, many operators don't realize that there are millions of dollars invested into permanent launcher and receiver stations that are only rarely utilized. Many operators prefer to have an on-demand solution using TPE mobile equipment rather that sunk cost in assets they don't use - but the decision makers don't know that such large, expensive, heavy equipment is available as a rental asset. TPE Midstream has all of the smaller pipe sizes, and now has 24", 30", 36", and 42" 600# equipment as well. If you are involved in the decision making process regarding launcher and receiver equipment on a large diameter pipeline, know that TPE Midstream can help you save millions of dollars in CAPEX through a simple rental agreement with our mobile traps.

 Preparing TPE Midstream 36" 600# Launcher and Receiver Barrels to ship to the field

Preparing TPE Midstream 36" 600# Launcher and Receiver Barrels to ship to the field

Total Emission Control - A matter of time

When looking at methane emissions within the natural gas infrastructure and the regulatory requirements that govern the amount, frequency, and method that natural gas is vented, most of today's laws and incentives are pointed toward very large emission sources. This parallels that approach that diesel engine emission regulations were rolled out. As the various Tiers of diesel regulations were unveiled over time, the amounts of permitted emissions were reduced in each Tier. This progression is generally well known and often discussed among equipment professionals.

A lesser known and much less discussed trend in the progress of these emissions controls is the size of the engine that is required to comply. At first, only the largest and dirtiest engines were affected. Then more common large on-highway engines came under regulatory control. Now, any emission over 25 horsepower is covered by Tier 4 Final. However, anticipated under Tier 5 (Stage 5 in Europe), EVERY DIESEL ENGINE REGARDLESS OF HORSEPOWER will fall under the new requirements.

When we look at natural gas emission regulation for upstream, gathering, transmission, processing, and distribution, we see a similar trend. Most regulatory agencies and companies are focused on the large, but relatively rare, emission events such as whole-line blowdowns. Very few companies are looking at the smaller, but much more common events like launcher and receiver blowdowns that occur multiple times per day at many pigging stations.

We know by looking at the past regulatory path of diesel emissions (and other pollutants like Freon) that while regulations start by addressing the most eye-catching events, the rules eventually reach the smaller everyday actions that are performed by countless O&G professionals every day. Just like diesel emissions rules starting with large equipment and now affecting every air compressor and pump, methane emissions rules that are now looking at the biggest blowdowns will eventually affect every pig trap and filter vessel.

Is your company prepared to perform regular maintenance and operations with Total Emission Control? That is, could you do every part of your job without ever venting methane? With our ZEVAC (Zero Emission Vacuum and Compressor), you can. Just fasten the drawdown hose onto the equipment you need to remove the gas from (connect to the existing "vent" valve) and connect the discharge hose wherever you will compress the gas (a bottle or another portion of your system), and let ZEVAC work. Just like any compressed air tool, it is non-sparking with no electronics to worry about. The ZEVAC enables emissionless pigging, emissionless filter vessels, emissionless separation, emissionless hot-tapping, and loads of other applications that involve venting methane as a standard operating procedure. You can get ahead of the regulations and start operating with Total Emission Control using the ZEVAC today.

Rental as a strategy for adapting to ILI tech changes in the future

Some people ask, "What do you think will change in Inline Inspection Pigging in the next 3, 5, or 10 years?" and I think it is much more reasonable to ask, "What do you think will still be the same?" Inline inspection pigs are incorporating more technologies, incorporating more flexibility to navigate pipeline components, and are being run for more reasons on more different types of pipe than ever before. 10 years from now, I think the industry will be difficult to recognize.

When we discuss rental equipment such as pipeline pigging traps, one of the most common responses is, "We prefer to buy our own permanent equipment." That's a typical approach when evaluated by operations and financial decision makers in the pipeline company. However, if you think about purchasing specialized support equipment (like launchers and receivers) as a commitment to current technology, it becomes very shortsighted to install anything permanently.

  • How many legacy launchers and receivers are out in the field that are not capable of handling ILI tools?
  • How many of those launchers and receiver traps are being replaced now that smart pigs exist?
  • In 10 years, with the next generation of inspection technologies, will we be replacing everything again?
  • OR, will that equipment be necessary at all?

If you consider that renting equipment allows you to be flexible and to change the latest and greatest inspection pigs as they evolve, you are not only keeping up, you're saving the cost of multiple sets of permanent equipment. Permanent equipment that will be is continually being made obsolete as the smart pig evolution continues. Consider rental as not only an operational or financial solution to your equipment needs, but also as a strategy that embraces change.