TPE Midstream is founded on the fundamental idea that the future is on-demand. The men and women on the pipeline should be able to get the equipment they need, when they need it - and the equipment that arrives should be built to strict standards and be built with the field in mind. 

Our Story

As a field superintendent for a large ILI and cleaning services contractor, Doug Sahm was constantly in need of equipment in the field. Often, arriving on site to find ill-suited or even downright dangerous equipment setups, he found himself calling his best fabrication guy, Brad, and asking for a quote on a 24"x30" 600# launcher or a 54" x 20' separator - and "I need that equipment on site in 4 days". After a hearing this call over and over, Brad, who knows that it takes time (often several months) to build quality equipment, said "Let's sit down and figure out what we need to build, so that we can have it ready before you call next time". At that sit-down lunch at a local Tulsa diner, the concept behind TPE Midstream was born. 

"We will build a super-high-quality version of every size launcher and receiver so that anyone who needs to run pigs can call us for equipment!"

"We'll offer mainline valves in every size for those lines with leaky or missing valves!"

"We will build separators and filters that are totally field-ready and easy to use!"

Immediately, Doug left his employer and started the work to design the equipment. Pretty soon, Brad and Doug realized that they were going to need to clear 1 major obstacle to build all this equipment: this equipment is going to cost money. A lot of money. And so they spoke to a handful of close contacts and before long, over a beer in Tulsa, one of the original investing partners (who knew a thing or two about building equipment, oilfield solutions, and running a great company) said that he could help us pull it together. A few months of meetings and negotiations later, TPE Midstream was launched. Since then, we have continued to add inventory, expand geographically, and offer more creative equipment solutions to the industry. We have operated through $140/Bbl oil and $26/Bbl oil. We have sent equipment to downtown New York City and 8-hours-from-anywhere Wyoming. Along the way, we've learned a lot of lessons, but the most important is that the future is going to be on-demand. We are here to be the pipeline industry's on-demand equipment solution.

From 2014 through 2017, the equipment rental business continued to grow. After several successful moves to larger and larger facilities, TPE Midstream settled in early 2018 at 7290 New Sapulpa Rd. in Tulsa, OK. Here, TPE put all product lines under 1 roof and continues to operate this rental center.



As TPE Midstream continues to grow, we aim to continue to delivery customer service, comprehensive inventory, and cost-competitiveness to our customers.